Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter in China: Exploring Beijing - The Forbidden Palace


The Forbidden Palace was a 15 minute walk from our second hotel in Beijing, the Novotel Beijing Peace. It's also easily accessible via the Beijing Subway. We made a quick detour to check out Tiananmen Square which is located opposite the south entrance before heading into the Forbidden Palace. To better control traffic by trying to force the crowd in one direction, there is only one entrance on the south side with the exit on the north side.

Tiananmen Square
I was amazed by the number of people visiting the Forbidden Palace. There must have been at least a couple of thousand but the crowd did thinned out once we got deeper into the palace grounds.

The Main Entrance

This place is HUGE! It's essentially multiple gates and buildings before you finally get to the palace that the emperor and queen used to stay in. It took us three to four hours exploring but we gave up after some time after getting tired and hungry. After some point, "are we done yet?" just repeats in your head. You could really spend more than a day in this place if you really wanted. There were also some displays on emperor's treasures but I didn't find them too impressive. The other disappointment was that you couldn't enter the actual palaces but could only view them from outside which wasn't too fun especially with the large number of people trying to squeeze in for a peek.

One of the many "gates".

Interesting to see an elephant statue. Didn't know they had any in China.

Finally, the exit!

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  1. Wow this looks really amazing, even i wish to see china once and i really like their temples and monuments...