Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enhanced Hilton Hhonors Diamond Benefits

For the past week, rumors were abound that there would be enhanced perks for Diamond members. Looks like it's official:
  • Upgrades to Preferred Rooms which may include suites.
  • 1000 bonus points per stay.
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Guaranteed Executive Lounge Access.
This is definitely a good move. In the past, Diamond members had to choose only one of the options, i.e. either the upgrade or the 1000 bonus points. In addition, the upgrades did not include suites and were usually normal rooms on Executive Floor. Some hotels do go above and beyond and upgrade to suites but this was not per the rules. 

One of the biggest complains of the Hilton Hhonors program in the past was that there was very little difference between a Gold and Diamond member. With this enhancement, it does make sense to go for Diamond status instead of maybe shifting some business to another chain once you hit Gold. I personally would do it!

An additional enhancement that's still missing s the free mini-bar. Only Intercontinental Royal Ambassadors are offered this perk and I think would be great for Hilton to follow. Who doesn't like a free mini-bar??

There are some concerns on whether this enhancement will impact Gold members. Some are concerned on less upgrades and lounge access for Gold members. I personally don't see this happening as I don't see how this enhancement will impact Gold members. Most Hiltons I've visited treat Gold members really well and even provide lounge access even when they could not upgrade to executive floor rooms due to no availability. Per official rules, they only need to provide lounge access if an upgrade was available to Gold members.

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