Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter in China: Ibis Harbin


We decided to stay at Ibis Harbin primarily because the hotel was really cheap (~$20USD/night) for a room thanks to the Accor supersale rate. The normal going rate is about ~$50 USD per night and the check-in agent helping us even made a comment on how cheap our rate was. We would have paid more to stay at the Sofitel which had additional facilities but the location seemed too inconvenient as it was out of the city. The Ibis was located right smack in the city which provide easy access to plenty of shopping, restaurants and other attractions like Zhou Yang Street, Zhao Ling park and the river.

It is important to note that Ibis Harbin does not participate in Aclub so we did not even any points from this stay.

The hotel is a typical Ibis. The rooms are small and adequate but were definitely larger than the one we stayed in Hong Kong before. The furniture also did not seem as worned or dated as the Ibis we stayed in Frankfurt.

Storage space

Internet is free although it is cable (and not wifi) and the speed is very slow. They also provide 2 bottles of water daily.

Overall, it is an okay hotel, it is an Ibis after all. We would recommend the hotel for the ideal location and those on a budget.

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