Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter in China: Shanghai to Singapore on SQ


We were parked at a pretty far gate and took at least 15 minutes walking at a fast pace before we got to luggage claims. We had an hour or so to go before our Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore and was worried we might not make it. Thankfully the bags came out pretty quick even without any priority tags and we managed to make our way to a deserted Singapore Airlines check-in counters.

Singapore Airlines uses the Shanghai Airlines lounge in Shanghai. It's also used by a number of other airlines but the lounge was pretty empty when we were there. After working a slight sweat from the long hike, we took a much needed shower.

The food and drink offerings were pretty abysmal. There were no wine glasses and instead, only paper cups!

Boarding got underway right on schedule with separate lines for business and economy passengers. The flight was operated by a Boeing 777-200 that has the newer regional business class seats which are one of the best business class seats today for a 5-6 hour flight.

Pillows, menus, headphones and blankets were already waiting for us in the seats. We were offered the usual water, juice or champange on the ground. I couldn't get a refill as the plane was taxing when one of the stewardess somewhat rudely told me to pay attention to the safety video. Ouch!

Passengers on this flight have the option of having supper right after take-off or an early breakfast 2 hours before landing. We were starving since our last good meal was breakfast in Harbin so we stayed up a bit longer to have the supper. I went with the seafood noodle where as Lydia went with the selection of different dumplings.

After that hearty supper, we both dozed off unable to finish the movie we started watching. We woke up right as before descent where I had a double espresso trying to wake up. This was another classic Singapore Airlines business class flight where the seats are comfortable, good service and pretty good food and drinks.

We arrived in Singapore where we met up with the rest of the family who had flown in on the more conventional Air China and Singapore Airlines from Harbin and Beijing that arrived around the same time. We killed a couple more hours at the airport before we headed back home to Penang on Air Asia after a freezing but memorable holiday.

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