Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Weekend in Bali: Food in Bali


As expected, the food in Bali was great and in some ways, pretty similar to Malay food we got back in Malaysia. There were some dishes that tasted new to me as I couldn't recognize the spices being used and some were spicy and definitely packed some kick which I always enjoy.

One of our favorite restaurants that we tried was Bumbu Bali. We liked it so much we ate there twice. It is nearby to the Conrad and in spite of being only a 10 minute walk away, they do offer pick ups which we did use when it was raining during our first visit. What I particularly liked about Bumbu was the quality of food served. I would summarize it was perfectly cooked Balinese cuisine. For example, the seafood that we ordered on one night was perfectly cooked with tender squid and shrimp. It was almost fine dining without the "frou-frouness".

Satay and appetizers


We also made the obligatory visit for some Babi Guling or roasted suckling pig that Bali is famous for the day we hired the car. We just told the driver to take us to a good Babi Guling place but the pork ended up just so so. The famous Babi Guling places like the one Bourdain visited is at Ubud which was two hours from the Conrad and we weren't excited to having sit in a car that long. Maybe next time...

We also tried some "dirty duck" at Bebek Bengil at the Nusa Dua location for lunch. Dirty duck is deep fried duck that's prepared with special herbs and spices. Since it would probably be too much to order a whole duck, I was glad that they had set meals that served just the right amount of duck for one person. Overall, the duck was pretty good with crispy skin and juicy meat.

Duck rice set

Mixed rice set

Nice surroundings

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  1. You guys definitely went to the right places :) We LOVE Bumbu Bali and Bebek Bengil!