Monday, February 13, 2012

Finishing up my BMI miles: Taxes and fuel surchages suck

Just almost wiped out most of my BMI miles in anticipation of the demise of BMI after the merger with BA. Booked a trip in May to attend my best man's wedding in Melbourne. Can't take too much time off work especially with a pending move to the states around the corner so decided to just "hop" around Australia and New Zealand for the weekend:

Out going trip: PEN-BKK-SIN-MEL-AKL in business class on a combination of TG, SQ and NZ
  • There was availability on SQ A380 but the BMI agent couldn't book it. I'll just call back closer to the date and see if I can try get on that flight. 
  • Looking forward to trying out NZ 773 International Business Class
Return trip: AKL-SYD-BKK-PEN in business class on NZ and TG
  • Nothing too exciting on this trip. Decided against paying more for first class on TG since I've already tried it multiple times. Would have paid for it if it was on the leased Jet Airways 77W. 
The not so fun part about this redemption was the close to 350 pounds worth of taxes and fuel surcharges per person! Ouch! I was going to use this miles for our Bora Bora but we ran out of time since BMI is going away and we're moving to the US soon.


  1. Congrats on the move to the USA, where exactly and when do you move? :)

    I always get turned back for the PEN-BKK-SIN segments by BMI - they insist it is backtracking even though there's no other way to fly ex-PEN. How do you do it/what do you tell them? Is it because you use a PEN address?

    Also, why not PEN-BKK-MEL-AKL? Do you love the Changi SKL that much? :P

  2. @Kyo

    Moving to Austin, TX. Hopefully by May/June.

    I got turned down once trying to route to PEK. For Australia/NZ, I don't think it is backtracking since it's in the same direction.

    The timings for BKK-MEL caused a long layover in BKK. Much prefer the layover in SKL and flying on SQ too.