Friday, February 10, 2012

Excapade Sushi: Driving to another country for good sushi

Good and affordable sushi is lacking in Malaysia. Yes we do have places like Sakae Sushi or Sushi King but the sushi quality in those establishment is severely lacking. One thing we always do when we visit Lydia's family in Miri is to take a drive across the order to Brunei to get our sushi fix at Excapade Sushi. They have several branches in Brunei but we always visit the branch at Kuala Belait which is the closest one to Miri.

The first time Lydia's family suggested to do it, I was skeptical. Good quality sushi in Brunei?!? We have to drive for almost an hour? You gotta be kidding right! Apparently, many in Miri do this and the customs and immigration in Brunei don't even blink an eye when we tell them that we're going to Brunei for sushi when asked of reason of visit.

I was glad I was wrong as it reminds me of sushi places in Los Angeles I used to frequent when I was in college. The fish was fresh, plenty of different rolls and more importantly, very affordable. We usually end up spending about $70 for a meal for 4 persons.


In addition to sushi and sashimi, they do also have wide selection of warm dishes like bento boxes, noodles, rice, yakitori, fish, etc. The warm dishes are just okay and can be hit or miss.

Fried Chicken Roll

Japanese Porridge

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