Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Weekend in Bali: Exploring Bali


We could have just spent the entire trip just relaxing and lazing around the Conrad but we didn't since it was our first time in Bali and we wanted to see the major spots. We hired a car and driver for a day to take us around. We found the driver from tripadvisor and pre-booked him for ~$40 USD for ~6 hours. He was responsive to my queries over email and we were very happy with the level of service received. He unexpectedly even acted as a guide in walking together with us and explaining the the places we visited. Needless to say we left him a pretty good tip. Let me know if you want his contact.

Our first stop of the day was visiting the temple at Uluwatu, which was a temple situated on a picturesque cliffs.


There were a bunch of monkeys and large ones at that and we were warn to be careful of loose items like sun glasses as the monkeys are notoriously famous for snatching them.

After lunch, we headed to another famous temple at Tanah Lot.  Another site with amazing views!

Traffic was annoying in Bali as we were on small single lane roads most of the time and it took a while before we got anywhere. The good part however was that we caught glimpses of some amazing views of green rice paddy fields in the car.

We were visiting Bali during the rainy season and we were worried and undecided on whether to go snorkeling or not. It was actually raining our first few days but it did clear up few days later and decided to go ahead with the snorkeling trip to nearby Nusa Penida. It turned out to be a good decision as we had perfect weather for the WHOLE day. The highlight was catching a glimpse of the volcano in the background.

Crystal Bay

Our boat for the day
We booked the trip through Blue Season Bali and again, would recommend them even though they seem to be on the expensive side. We were picked up on time from the Conrad and driven to their offices where they professionally handled all the paperwork. We went out together with a group of divers and we were assigned a guide that snorkeled with us. I'm definitely coming back to Bali once I get my diving license to see the Mola Mola (huge sun fish) and the Manta Rays.

Arriving Back in Sanur

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