Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcomed Enchancement to Krisflyer American Express Gold Card in Malaysia

As I shared in the year on our travel strategy, we primarily use either the Citibank Premier Miles or Amex Krisflyer Gold credit cards. Extracted from our earlier posting:

Mileage earning from credit cards isn’t as exciting in Malaysia as in the US but we still try to make the best of the situation. We primarily put spending on two credit cards namely the Krisflyer American Express and Citibank Premier Miles Card. The Krisflyer card earns 1 Krisflyer mile for each RM2 spent where as the PremierMiles card earns “1 PremierMile” for each RM3 spent. The PremierMile and be converted into Krisflyer, Cathay and Thai miles at a one to one rate and also Malaysia Enrich miles for a more than that. I would recommend the Krisflyer card as a way to top up miles for those who primarily credit to Krisflyer or the PremierMiles for those who want to flexibility on where to credit the earned miles to.  In addition, both credit cards provide access to Plaza Premium Lounges in Kuala Lumpur main and low cost terminal but the PremierMiles card provides complimentary Priority Pass membership which provides lounge access in most airports around the world. 

I received a text message earlier today from Amex that there is now a "Double Up" feature on the card and to visit their website for more details. The details didn't actually post on the website till late this evening and it's a good one!

With a minimum spend of RM40,000 a year, the miles earned will be doubled up. For example, if you spent RM50,000 a year, you would have already earned 25,000 Krisflyer miles. On the card anniversary, if you earn another 25,000 Krisflyer miles. The earn rate is now 1 Krisflyer mile for every ringgit spent which is the best earn rate I've seen so far for miles on ANY credit card in Malaysia.

On a side note, there used to be a 50% of miles or up to 22,500 miles voucher if one spent a minimum of RM40,000 offered as part of the card that was recently dropped. The new addition of the "Double Up" feature certainly is much better than the previously offered voucher.

I will be shifting most of my spending to the Amex now thanks to the double miles. In addition to the occasional redemption promos offered by Singapore Airlines, this is certainly the card to use in Malaysia for the frequent flyer. There are also some rumors on Singapore Airlines finally allowing saver redemptions on First and Business Class on the "new" cabins and if the rumors were true, this would give me even more reason to use the card and redeem on Singapore Airlines.


  1. Hey, was looking around google for some info on this.

    The website itself isn't very clear, so I'm glad I came across this page.

    I'm thinking of applying for this, as a way to earn KF miles. Right now I'm transferring over my SPG points which I purchased (very good value) but there's only so much I can buy a year.

    My main concern is that AMEX isn't widely accepted in Malaysia. Is this true?


  2. That's not true! I've been using Amex as my primary card. Yes there are some places where Amex might not be accepted and for that, get another Visa/Mastercard.

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