Friday, April 13, 2012

Farewell to Thai's Airbus 345: Flight back home


I got to LAX at 5.30pm and the check-in counters for my Thai flight to Bangkok were still occupied by Turkish Airlines. They were already a couple of other passengers waiting for the counter switch over to happen and for check in to start. While waiting, there was a couple who showed up and were shocked they couldn't check in for their flight to Istanbul even though it was 30 minutes to departure and obviously check-in had already closed.

Check-in started about 45 minutes later and I was the forth passenger in the business class line. I tried to pay for an upgrade to Premium Economy but it would have costs me an extra USD $850 since I was supposedly booked on a cheap economy class fare. Oh well but at least I did manage to get them to open an aisle seat at the last row for me.


It was good to catch up with some friends from college at Daily Grill for dinner and drinks. As usual, the line through security at LAX was LONG and thankfully I manage to talk the attendant to let me use the business class line since I had a Star Gold card.

After a much needed shower in the Star Alliance lounge, I enjoyed a couple of glasses of champange and fruit while catching up with email. A ground agent from Thai did some around the lounge when boarding was about to commence.

View from the Lounge
The flight was once again another full flight but it was comfortable thanks for the 34" seat pitch and it did feel more roomy in the last row.

The flight to Bangkok was a couple of hours longer than the flight to Los Angeles. On this flight, they served 3 full meals which I went with the Thai/Asian options on all of them. I did sleep for a good 6-7 hours and a couple of hours nap in between movies and felt fully rested when we landed in Bangkok.

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